In this episode of CapFigure Podcast, Ryan and Tom make sense of the dramatic ending to the marriage between A-Rod and the Yankees.  With all of the buzz surrounding the newest Yankees, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, the duo offers their take on what the Bronx Bombers will look like over the next few years.  Whether you love or hate the Evil Empire, you’ won’t want to miss a moment.

  • CapFigure Podcast Intro  (0:00 to 5:45)
  • The Superstar Formerly Known As A-Rod  (5:45 to 15:45)
  • New Look Yankees  (15:45 to 44:00)
  • Final Notes, Yes In-Di-Di & Closing (44:00 to 45:17)

CapFigure Podcast takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through relevant topics within the world of professional sports’ organizations.  Ryan DePaulo, formerly of ESPN Radio, delivers a witty, unapologetic and unfiltered attitude to hosting the show; balancing the calculated, clean-cut demeanor of CapFigure Founder and former leveraged finance investment banker, Thomas L. McLaughlin.

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2 thoughts on “CapFigure Podcast – Episode 9 (The Evil Empire Strikes Back)

  1. CapFigure Episode 9 – Ryan and Tom have lots to share re: Tom’s favorite team The NY Yankees.

    In this episode Ryan and Tom offer a great conversation and feedback on Joe Girardi, Yankee organization and ARod as well as possible next steps for this team…where are they now and where do they go. McLaughlin comments that this has been a strange but opportunistic time for the Yankees.

    Ryan and Tom talk about the new players and their potential. They also give a great deal of input on the other players, stats and more.

    Bottom line, enjoy listening to these guys and their guests. They are entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. Amazing listening to McLaughlin as he talks “baseball, stats and and related”.

    Highly rated podcasts. Listen, subscribe and enjoy. Have been a sports novice for a good part of my life and now becoming more and more interested bc of CapFigure. Can’t wait until they move on to football but no doubt that I will continue to listen to what they have to say as we move thru the baseball season.

    Good job you guys!

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