Our Mission at CapFigure

CapFigure strives to provide a community of like-minded enthusiasts with a forum to explore and debate topics key to today’s professional sports front-offices. As the Professional sports industry continues to grow at an astounding pace, the stakes of assembling a team’s roster have never been higher. The role of the front-office in most professional sports organizations remains fairly consistent across the board, put together the best team with the assets in place (cap space, draft picks, etc.).  General Managers (“GM”) employ decision-making processes to provide the highest return on those assets, in much the same way a Wall St. hedge fund manager sets out to maximize the return on the funds’ investable assets to investors. Here at CapFigure we plan to explore those decision-making processes as they relate to anything from drafting & development, to organizational philosophy and on-field schematics.


CapFigure at a Glance

CapFigure is a sports-media enterprise focused on providing unbiased analysis of economic trends in the major sports world.  Leveraging a network of passionate sports fans across a number of platforms, CapFigure has extensive reach within the major sports industry.  Providing unique and original content to its audience through all of its’ digital media footprints, CapFigure strives to establish a relationship with its audience that crosses over platforms.


If you have any specific suggestions or for general inquiries, you can reach us at inquiries@capfigure.com.