CapFigure Sports is proud to announce the development of CapFigure Podcast…former ESPN Radio employee Ryan DePaulo will join CapFigure Founder Thomas L. McLaughlin, in an exhilarating discussion of all things front-office.  All things #AllTimeMockDraft will be discussed, including: CapFigure’s Selection Process, Positional & Schematic Trends and Generational Bias.  To have a question read on air: CF TwitterCF Facebook or #AskCap

1st Round (#27 Overall Pick)

J.J. Watt – Defensive Lineman (University of Wisconsin)

2nd Round (#38 Overall Pick)

Rod Woodson – Defensive Back (CB & FS), KR & PR (Purdue University)

3rd Round (#91 Overall Pick)

Larry Fitzgerald
Larry Fitzgerald – Wide Receiver (University of Pittsburgh)

4th Round (#102 Overall Pick)

Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson – Running Back (University of Oklahoma)

The entire draft can be viewed here: #AllTimeMockDraft


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