CapFigure Podcast – Episode 3

CapFigure Podcast – Episode 3
  • CapFigure Podcast Intro (0:00 to 3:00)
  • C.C. Sabathia Turning Back the Clock (3:00 to 26:00)
    • Alcohol Rehabilitation, Sobriety & Self-Awareness
    • Out With the Four-Seamer, in With the Cutter
    • The Hottest Pitcher in the Majors?
  • What the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Visitors Dugout Says About Us (26:00 to 35:32)
    • War Stories
    • What Would Ryan DePaulo Do?
  • Way Too Early World Series Predictions & MLB Whip-Around (35:32 to 45:00)
    • Texas Rangers (45-25): Lone Star in the AL?
    • San Francisco Giants (44-27): 2010, 2012, 2014…..2016?
    • Chicago Cubs (47-20): Best Record in Baseball
    • Baltimore Orioles: Contender or Pretender?
  • Ending (45:00 to 47:10)

CapFigure Podcast takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through relevant topics within the world of professional sports’ organizations.  Ryan DePaulo, formerly of ESPN Radio, delivers a witty, unapologetic and unfiltered attitude to hosting the show; balancing the calculated, clean-cut demeanor of CapFigure Founder and former leveraged finance investment banker, Thomas L. McLaughlin.

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The State of The Yankees

The State of The Yankees


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