My handful of loyal visitors, thank you. Let’s capitalize on the positive momentum here.

As is the case with all things great, there is a sequel. Come on did you all really think I was going to leave you hanging there.

So let’s get focused here. The prior article laid out the following observations I made:

  • The Rangers are a really good team but have a glaring hole at the catching position
  • An already iffy situation became worse, with Robinson Chirinos now out long-term
  • There are common traits amongst championship winners, catching is one
  • Lack of organizational depth at the catcher position


Then of course I followed it up with a bit of an insinuation, pointing to the fact that the Rangers need to trade for an established catcher. The Rangers have one of the deepest farm systems in the majors, boasting top-end talent at multiple positions in the minors.

So it’s about time they make a deal, no?

Brewers Receive: Jurickson Profar 2B, Joey Gallo 3B/OF, Yeyson Yrizarri SS, Dillion Tate RHP

Rangers Receive: Jonathan Lucroy C

In this scenario, the Rangers immediately improve their chance of winning a title. Jonathan Lucroy is a rare talent, who when healthy is one of the best defensive catchers in the league. This in and of itself would be a significant upgrade for Texas. When you add in Lucroy’s value with the bat in his hand, he is worth his weight in gold. As one of the prized posessions on the trade market, any trade for Lucroy will require some serious assets.

Assets that could help propel a rebuilding Milwaukee Brewers team, under newly appointed GM David Stearns. The Brewers receive an exciting young power hitter, in Joey Gallo, and immediately promote him. Rounding out the package are two high variance prospects in Profar and Yrizarri, along with young power arm Dillion Tate. Stick to the rebuilding plan, mediocrity is the worst thing you can strive for.

Although it would have been ideal for Lucroy to have been in spring training with his new battery-mates, I can understand wanting to see that he is fully healthy after being out a good portion of last season.

So let’s stop the stand-off and pull the trigger on this deal.




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