Houston Texans (Round 1, Pick 22): 

Chris Jones – Defensive Tackle, Mississippi St.

Nearly every mock draft I’ve read thus far has Houston taking a wide receiver to put opposite DeAndre Hopkins, with this pick.  In terms of talented defensive linemen, this is the deepest draft since the 2011 class and though it may not be a need right now, the only defensive lineman Houston owes guaranteed money to past this year is J.J. Watt. The Texans would be wise to address the defensive line with this pick; they receive a prospect in Chris Jones that fits their system perfectly as a 3-4 defensive lineman opposite Watt. Jones only falls this far due to his perceived under-production at Mississippi St.; but remember were projecting production at the NFL level here and Jones has the talent necessary to deliver on that stage. Game tape and physical measurements remind me of a mix between Fletcher Cox and Leonard Williams…as I mentioned, this class of defensive linemen is deep.

NFL Player Comparison: Leonard Williams & Fletcher Cox


Minnesota Vikings (Round 1, Pick 23): 

Josh Doctson – Wide Receiver, TCU

Unlike the Texans who have to address multiple areas of need, Minnesota Vikings’ general manager Rick Spielman has built depth at nearly every position. The one true area of need for the Vikings is wide receiver, ideally one with size to put opposite Stefon Diggs. Spielman would have sprinted to the podium with Laquon Treadwell’s name on the card but will be pleased with TCU playmaker Josh Doctson instead. Doctson will start immediately and should be a presence in the red-zone, as he is a monster on winning jump balls. Minnesota will also look to add an inside linebacker and a free safety later in the draft.

NFL Player Comparison: Miles Austin


Cincinnati Bengals (Round 1, Pick 24): 

Corey Coleman – Wide Receiver, Baylor

In recent years the Bengals have been one of the best NFL franchises at building their roster through the draft, which inevitably means you cannot afford to sign everyone. This off-season the Bengals lost wide receivers Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu in free agency, which necessitates the need to take a receiver with this pick. With A.J. Green locked in as the #1 option in this offense for years to come, the Bengals take Corey Coleman whose skill-set complements Green nicely. Coleman is an explosive receiver who will definitely stretch the secondary, however he must work on developing his route-running skills and expand his route tree. There is also some concern with his 9” hand size and the 13% drop-rate his senior season. What you absolutely cannot knock is Coleman’s production or his competitive fire. One of my favorite players at any position in this draft, Coleman exhibits the same ferocity and will to win as his mentor, the great Steve Smith.

NFL Player Comparison: Steve Smith


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