All In Baseball Academy, LLC is seeking an equity investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 25% equity stake in the business.  Proceeds from this Series A transaction will be used to develop a state of the art 21,000 square foot indoor athletic facility in Lakewood, New Jersey with a proposed opening in January 2017. 

In the past five years after leaving a career on Wall Street, founder Scott Rossiter has developed All In Baseball into an impressive business and unmatched reputation among clients within the baseball business.  Starting with one client in Scott’s garage, the company has transformed into a brandname with six highly-competitive youth baseball teams (NJ Explosion). With a robust client base, a uniquely qualified leader and an economically sound business model; there is little doubt that All-In is a business ready to capitalize on the significant growth opportunity that the proposed facility presents.

This is a phenomenal investment opportunity and the value relative to risk is extraordinary.  With the established client base from the existing business, the proposed facility will immediately generate revenue.  Another extremely attractive dynamic to the business relates to the potential upside of equity value.  Scott does a phenomenal job of breaking down the current & pro forma business model and financial forecasts in the business plan below.  There is little doubt in my mind that All In Baseball Academy is positioned to become a force in the industry and will return significant value to potential investors.

Please follow the link to find the All In Baseball Business Plan Binder, which outlines: financial projections, market overview, a layout of the proposed facility, as well as a breakdown of each of the significant revenue and expense drivers of the business.  In addition, Scott has also provided the All-In Pitch Deck which outlines the proposed facility and further information about the business.

For inquiries or additional information, you can reach Scott Rossiter directly at: (732) 742-0153 or

Relevant Links & Attachments

All In Baseball Academy Website

 All In Baseball Business Plan Binder

All-In Pitch Deck


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