In this episode of CapFigure Podcast, Ryan and Tom recap and give their take on intriguing storylines leading up to the MLB Trade Deadline, including: Jay Bruce joining the Mets and the Yankees’ fire-sale.  Given the recently surging Colorado Rockies, the dynamic duo explore and devise a blueprint to organizational success for a team playing in the high altitude of Coors Field.  Oh and Mike Francesa stops by to talk WrestleMania….enjoy!

  • CapFigure Podcast Intro  (0:00 to 4:05)
  • MLB Trade Deadline Updates  (4:05 to 14:00)
    • Jay Bruce to the New York Mets
    • Yankees’ Rebuild Mode, Trading Andrew Miller & Aroldis Chapman
    • Dodgers Acquire Josh Reddick & Rich Hill
    • Speculation Surrounding Chris Sale & Chris Archer
  • Blueprint for Colorado Rockies Success  (14:00 to 17:38)
    • Unique Challenge of Coors Field – Park Factor
    • Taking Inventory of Roster, Farm System and Payroll Obligations
    • Creative Solutions to Mitigate the Effect of Altitude at Coors Field
  • Final Notes, A-Rod 700 Hat & Closing (17:39 to 36:51)

CapFigure Podcast takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through relevant topics within the world of professional sports’ organizations.  Ryan DePaulo, formerly of ESPN Radio, delivers a witty, unapologetic and unfiltered attitude to hosting the show; balancing the calculated, clean-cut demeanor of CapFigure Founder and former leveraged finance investment banker, Thomas L. McLaughlin.

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3 thoughts on “CapFigure Podcast – Episode 7 (MLB Trade Deadline & Rockies Blueprint)

  1. Through funny and sometimes sarcastic banter between DePalo and McLaughlin, they bring great insight into today’s players and perspective on proposed and theoretical trades across teams.

    Co-host DaPalo enjoys challenging McLaughlin but McLaughlin can hold is own and then some.

    Enjoyed conversation about the different teams, their highs and their lows and most especially about the Yankees and Rockies.

    Good job Capfigure – Tom and Ryan until the next one. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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