In this episode of CapFigure Podcast, we run through everything you need to know about the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs before the Fall Classic kicks off Tuesday Night at Progressive Field.  Beginning with the infamous curse of the Billy Goat and the disappointments of the mid-90’s Indians, to the hiring of Theo Epstein and Terry Francona, Ryan & Tom walk you through the emergence of the pennant winners.  With the best baseball of the season hours away, you won’t want to miss a thing!

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    • Ryan DePaulo & Thomas L. McLaughlin
  • Cleveland Indians: Near-Misses, 1997, Terry Francona & Sum of Parts
  • Chicago Cubs: Curses, Theo Epstein & Superstar-Centric
  • Recap & Predictions for the World Series
  • Final Comments, Criticisms & Closing

CapFigure Podcast takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through relevant topics within the world of professional sports’ organizations.  Ryan DePaulo, formerly of ESPN Radio, delivers a witty, unapologetic and unfiltered attitude to hosting the show; balancing the calculated, clean-cut demeanor of CapFigure Founder and former leveraged finance investment banker, Thomas L. McLaughlin.

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One thought on “CapFigure Podcast – Episode 16 (2016 World Series Preview)

  1. Loyal fan of CapFigure! Although different styles, DePaulo and McLaughlin compliment each other and they both bring their best to the audience.

    Interesting/insightful podcast where they each provide their feedback on the Dodgers and Blue Jays season. Than they take us thru their thought process on how the Cubs and Indians got to the series, their organizations, the teams as a whole, the pros and cons of the players, as well as the upcoming lineups for the series.

    McLaughlin also shares his feedback on strengths/weaknesses of each team and his prediction of which team will win and why. DePaulo also gives his prediction of the serial winner and why.

    Listen in, you’ll be happy that you did

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