Baseball iconic moments seem to never go away. Everytime the Yankees play the Royals at home, Michael Kay narrates the “George Brett pinetar incident. A close second may be the Derek Jeter flip play. But there is one baseball memory that I personally witnessed that eclipses all others.

Mat 17th, 1998. The Bronx, New York. A young Yankee fan is disappointed that Davis Wells is the starting pitcher, this disappointment is more than made up for when he learns of a free beanie baby giveaway. Unbeknownst to this young fan, David Wells, nursing a hangover goes on to pitch a perfect game…

CapFigure Podcast takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through relevant topics within the world of professional sports’ organizations.  Ryan DePaulo, formerly of ESPN Radio, delivers a witty, unapologetic and unfiltered attitude to hosting the show; balancing the calculated, clean-cut demeanor of CapFigure Founder and former leveraged finance investment banker, Thomas L. McLaughlin.

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