JD’s Pick & Methodology

I’m off the schnide.  Today’s pick will be a parlay to increase payout and reduce the juice (VIG).  For the newbs, a parlay is a cumulative series of bets in which multiple events must be won to win the parlay; with the higher risk comes a considerable jump in potential payout.

Today’s parlay we’re gonna take the Pittsburgh Pirates & the St. Louis Cardinals.  I liked the Pirates gutsy win yesterday, where they squeaked by the Los Angeles Angels 8-7.  Gerrit Cole has been pitching like the ace he is as of late, settling down after getting roughed up a bit earlier in the season.  The Cardinals, my second team, will hope to post a win behind the electric young starter Carlos Martinez.  Giants’ pitcher Jake Peavy will be very vulnerable against a patient and surging Cardinals offense.

The two NL Central powerhouses behind their home crowds sounds like a win to me.   A $25 dollar bet yields $40.89, a solid payout relative to risk involved.

Forward By: Thomas McLaughlin

You can track all of JD’s picks here: JD’s Pick Tracker


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